Monday, 31 March 2014

A new addition to the Retailer Charter - Ingleby Pet Supplies

A warm welcome to Ingleby Pet Supplies who are the newest addition to the Retailer Charter. They told us: Ingleby Pet Supplies are happy to sign up to the RWAF retailer charter as we realise the importance of giving your rabbits the best home and environment possible. We are rabbit owners ourselves and have 4 happy bunnies at home! We are constantly looking for new suppliers for our small animal department and hope to carry on expanding our offering of rabbit accommodation over the coming months. Ingleby Pet Supplies will continue to educate our customers on rabbit welfare issues by promoting the Hutch Is Not Enough campaign in store. Please support them if you are local.

Richard Saunders gains his Specialist certificate

We are very lucky to have the wonderful Richard Saunders on our team and could not be more proud to share this news with you all. Richard is now a 'Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife' medicine, he is one of only twelve vets in the UK to have this certificate so this is obviously a huge achievement. What has Zoo and Wildlife got to do with rabbits? Rabbits are classed as 'exotics' and not covered in depth via the standard vet training, but by obtaining this standard Richard has demonstrated that he is indeed a specialist where our favourite animals are concerned. As our 'Vet Specialist Advisor', Richard guides our health and welfare strategy and also supports our Vet members.