Saturday, 20 April 2013

UK Aviaries have joined The RWAF Retailer Charter

The RWAF are delighted to announce another signing to our retailer charter. UK Aviaries have removed their 3ft hutch from sale within 2 hours of our conversation - can't get a quicker response than that! Stuart, who has owned UK Aviaries for the last 9 years, got in touch with us after some feedback from a local rabbit rescue about his rabbit hutches and was actually shocked to learn about the welfare implications of small rabbit hutches and problems that they can cause. We hope that you will support Stuart, and our other charter members when making a purchase. Stuart told us ' I am not a rabbit keeper and I believed that rabbits lived happily in hutches eating carrots all day. Now that I know different I am shocked that hutches that are unsuitable can be sold. UK Aviaries will not be doing this any more because we have signed up to the RWAF Retailer Charter and we are 100% behind the 'A hutch is not enough' campaign. We made the change to range that we offer within hours of talking to RWAF. Although we sell hutches we also sell kennels with runs which make brilliant rabbit accommodation too, and we can offer a discount to any rescue registered as a charity. So if you fancy something a bit different for your rabbits have a look what UK Aviaries can offer. The RWAF recommend a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch with an attached 8ft run as a minimum living area for 2 rabbits. We feel that it is necessary to work with pet shops to change opinion and to work towards more suitable products, and information being accessible to existing and potential rabbit owners as well as members of staff, to promote rabbit welfare.

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