Saturday, 20 April 2013

Moore space for pets have joined The RWAF retailer charter

We would also like to welcome Moore Space for pets to The RWAF retailer charter. Mike told us this: I set up my business " Moore Space For Pets" last year with the passion of being able to make high quality yet affordable enclosures and runs which would enable people to give their pets the room they need to be happy and healthy at an affordable price. The welfare of rabbits is very important as is the welfare of every other animal and pet. I think many pet owners need educating regarding the minimum care needed when purchasing animals and to understand they are living creatures and not just cute pets that after time may become a hindrance to families who often regret purchasing them. To educate potential rabbit owners that they need to clean, exercise and interact with their new pets and also follow guidance from the RWAF is of utmost importance when I sell and promote the products a sell. The RWAF recommend a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch with an attached 8ft run as a minimum living area for 2 rabbits. We feel that it is necessary to work with pet shops to change opinion and to work towards more suitable products, and information being accessible to existing and potential rabbit owners as well as members of staff, to promote rabbit welfare.

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