Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bunny Myth Buster - fur coats

Bunny Myth Buster – “They’ve got fur coats so they’re okay in the cold”. Rabbits’ coats obviously do give them some protection against the cold but to say that it makes them immune is like saying a snail can stop a bullet with its shell! In the wild, rabbits live in underground burrows where the temperature changes only slightly between summer and winter. By keeping them above ground we are subjecting them to extreme temperature changes that they’re not designed to cope with. In the wild they share body warmth with the rest of their social group so they’re toasty and snug. Rabbits kept alone will suffer the cold worst of all because they can’t share the lovely warm body of a companion. If you know of anybody who doesn’t bother to take steps to protect their rabbit from the cold because of the “it’s got a fur coat” myth, then please put them straight and direct them to our tips on keeping warm. You will almost certainly be saving the rabbit’s life. That point about sharing body warmth is a great excuse to post a picture of three snuggle-buns!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Come to the rescue!

It is at this time of year that rabbit rescue shelters can really struggle as they battle to protect their residents from the extreme weather conditions. Any help you can give them will be hugely appreciated and will really help to see them through this difficult time. Why not add spring greens, cabbage or kale to your weekly shop and drop them you’re your local rescue? Or bin bags and kitchen towels always come in handy. You can even help without spending any money as many rescues use old newspapers to line accommodation and help to keep it snug – but please check with the rescue itself before unloading a pile of paper on them! Thanks to all the rescues who do such fantastic work!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Spring 2013 Rabbiting On

It's never too early to think about the spring! The spring edition of Rabbiting On magazine comes rolling off the press next week. It's exclusive to members of the Rabbit Welfare Association so if you join by Thursday (23rd), you'll get the Spring issue straight away. It's packed with features, including: Pain relief in rabbits Rabbits and other pets Handling your rabbits, how when and why How to have a happy house rabbit Spring Tonic Communicating with your rabbit Antibiotics in rabbits It's also bursting with pictures of our favourite pets, including the result of our Bunny of the Year photo contest! If you love rabbits you don't want to miss out, join today!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What is your Rabbit Resolution?

What’s your Rabbit Resolution? It’s New Year and many of us will be resolving to drink less, stop smoking, get out more or just eat less cake. Whatever you’ve decided to do, good luck with it, we know how hard these resolutions are to stick to. In fact, they say that over 80% fail by the end of January. Why not make a resolution that’s easy to stick to, why not make a Rabbit Resolution? We’re asking our members and Facebook supporters if they can do something very small to help rabbits, who as we know, suffer neglect and cruelty at the hands of owners who simply don’t know any better. What will you do? • Give a home to a rescue rabbit and give your own rabbit a companion into the bargain? • Print off one of our posters and ask your vet to put it up in their waiting room to help get the message to rabbit owners? Click here and go to A4 posters to download on the right hand side of the page. • Write to a pet shop that you know sells tiny rabbit hutches and suggest they improve their range? Click here for some example text for your letter. • Take an RWAF Hop to It booklet to your local vet and encourage them to join? A booklet can be obtained here at a cost of £1 including postage (sadly we have to cover our costs but we hope that won’t put you off). If your vet joins they will receive, amongst other great benefits, 75 Hop to It booklets for their clients. • Something else entirely? Let us know by commenting below. Happy new year everybody!