Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Q8) Are there any plans to create a long term soultion such as a vaccination against EC in the near future?

A8) Not by anyone we know of.

Hay etc

Q9) The risk of myxi from hay is small, but does readigrass have the same risk factor?

A9) Readigrass has a different production process and should be free of live mites. We are not suggesting everyone stop feeding hay as the basis of the rabbits diet, but for those people who are worried about this, readigrass is a suitable alternative, for a healthy rabbit with no known under lying problems. .

Q10) Is Readigrass fattening?

A10) Not particularly. Pretty much equivalent to grass and hay

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

FAQ cont'd

Q7) I bought some zoflora as it says safe to use in pet areas, thing is would it be
safe to use near buns? I know it wouldn't kill EC spores though.

A7) This is from the safety data sheet, which makes me think, no, it’s not a good
idea round pets:

Highly flammable
Harmful in contact with skin and if swallowed
Toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed
Cause burns
Irritating to eyes
Irritating to skin
Toxic: danger of very serious irreversible effects through inhalation, in
contact with skin and if swallowed
May cause sensitisation by skin contact
Very toxic to aquatic organisms.
Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long term effects in the aquatic
Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long term effects in the aquatic
Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed.
Highly flammable liquid and vapour
Toxic if swallowed
Harmful if swallowed
Toxic in contact with skin
Harmful in contact with skin
Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
Toxic if inhaled
Causes damage to organs
Very toxic to aquatic life

Friday, 23 March 2012

FAQ cont'd

The new vaccine is arriving in vet practices this week. The UK tests have been
completed and although we do not have the results as yet we will update everyone
when we do.
I'm interested to know more about the new combined vaccine...and in particular
there's something in the data information which suggests that if a bunny has had
the other myxi vaccine in the past, the VHD element of the new vaccine might not
work. I‘d be interested to now why this is. What does this mean in practice?
Will the new vaccine therefore only be used for first time bunnies, or will it
be used in conjunction with one of the former VHD vaccinations? What advice have
vets been given about this?
The new combined vaccine has been tested in rabbits given the continental
Myxi vaccine, and there were borderline low protective titres to VHD. This is a
different vaccine to what is used in the UK against Myxi so there is now work
underway to see if the UK Myxi vaccine interferes to the same degree, though
they expect it not to be a problem. We expect results shortly.

Are Trigene and Vanodine safe for use with rabbits and would they kill

A6) Vanodine
is an iodine based product, which claims to kill other spore based
bacteria/fungi etc, and so I would imagine it to be effective after cleaning as
per our cleaning protocol:
clean the area to remove any scale or residue.
Ark-Klens , which is a benzalkonium chloride disinfectant and as such it should
be effective against EC and Myxi, to routinely disinfect the housing.
use Virkon (as an inorganic peroxygen compound) to kill any other
viruses.Note: Other benzalkonium chloride disinfectants and inorganic
peroxygen compounds may be available, in addition to those named
is safe at the dilutions recommended, and should be as effective as above
(product is claimed effective against spores, bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and
viruses) assuming the above cleaning procedure is followed

Thursday, 22 March 2012

FAQ con'td Myxi.

Q2) What is the risk in reality of a rabbit contracting Myxomatosis from contact
with a recently Nobivac Myxo vaccinated rabbit?
A2) Its not Myxomatosis in the old Nobivac Myxo vaccine, so they can’t develop myxo
from it, so there is no risk at all.

Q3) If a myxi vaccinated bunny subsequently catches myxi 6 months later and
(thankfully) fully recovers from it, does this bunny then have some kind of
immunity to catching it again or at the very least a stronger chance of fighting
it again?
A3) No, not really, immunity is short lived.

Q4) I have an indoor rabbit n the vet said injections once a year is enough. If he was
outdoor he recommends twice. If I had 2 indoor bunnies is once a year
vaccination enough too or should they be vaccinated twice ?

A4) The RWAF recommends vaccinating all rabbits twice yearly or myxi and once for VHD.This advice will change when the new combined vaccine becomes available very soon, until then,
keep your vaccines up to date.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Myxi outbreak and Ask the Expert.

We’d like to remind you once more about keeping vaccinations up to date. It’s only a few days ago that a distraught member in Essex has asked us to let everyone know that myxi is rife there at the moment. If you know of any outbreaks please let us know, or share them here.

Please don’t let your rabbits miss or be late for any of their vaccinations. Until the new vaccine becomes available later this year, keep to the dates your rabbits are due, annually for VHD and six-monthly for Myxomatosis.

A few weeks back we asked our Facebook followers for FAQs on Myxi and VHD, and this threw up some questions about hay too. Over the next few days we’ll be publishing one or two of your questions daily with answers from our Vet expert advisor Richard Saunders BSc (Hons) BVSc MSB CBiol DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVS .

Thanks to everyone who took part and contributed, we hope that this is both interesting and useful:

Myxi – Q1)How effective is the new combined vaccine against myxo. Have heard of lots of cases of pseudo myxo in last 12 months on vaccinated rabbits. Will this still happen with combined vaccine, is it a new vaccine more appropriate to recent strains?

A1) Data sheet for it is now online:

In theory, this new vaccine should be better, and it has been tested against virulent strains.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bunny Bazaar

We'd like you to say hello and welcome to Toto, Sanza and Ayra.
They are the official office bunnies of the RWAF, and have got a very important job. Not only
are they promoting rescue bunnies (all being rescued themselves), and showing
how happy rabbits are in (neutered) pairs or compatible groups as long as they
have the correct environment, but they are also chief product testers for the
RWAF shop, which is now called Bunny Bazaar. (So we've nicknamed them the Bazaar
Buns) They will very shortly be launching the Bunny Bazaar website, but for now,
they have added some of their favourite goodies on to e-bay
Please join the Bunny Bazaar page to keep in touch with them, and for details about special offers.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shopping for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend...please read Nutmeg and Betty's message

And send your Mum a lovely card from Charity Greetings

But mostly....a lovely gift bought via Give As You Live

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

RWAF supports rabbit rescue

We're featuring rescues regularly and for March we've a few to feature. Firstly, we have a new web page that will change monthly. So please look here, and we'll remind you again when
some new rescues are featured. If you can't help...perhaps you'd share the link
with somebody who can?

And today we have more rescues who need support. The following messages are all written by the rescues themselves:

Peskys Rabbit Rescue is a small rescue centre run from our home in Dorset. Our space is limited and at present we are experiencing high levels of requests to take in unwanted rabbits. We try our
best to vaccinate, neuter and pair up rabbits here at the rescue and do rehome single rabbits to pair up with other lonely bunnies. These two are called Blossom and Domino.


Blossom is a 3.5 year old Lionhead X (Chinchilla I think)She is an absolute sweetheart and loves to run around, she is currently an outdoor rabbit with her partner, French Lop Domino, they are both used to running around indoors too. Her favourite thing is to have her nose rubbed! Her
current Husbun is 5 years old, he is quite an old man in character and dispite
all my efforts to get him running about he is happy exploring his surroundings
for a few minutes, and then securing the best seat for the next few hours!
Unfortunately, due to the french lops shorter life span, he may not have many
more years left and so Blossom will need a new friend when the time comes as she
is quite young still. The pair are very much in love and need a home with an
understanding and experienced owner who has a big hutch or indoor cage and run.
Both are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD and Domino is neutered. They are
both in excellent health All enquiries are welcome via or 07914568088,

Fife rabbit rescue began in 2005 the rabbits are neutered and vaccinated before going to new home. I only ever re home in pairs or sometimes people come to the rescue with a single rabbit that they are looking for a partner for and I help them with the bonding. I have several large
hutches in my garden and 10 large runs where the rabbits can hop, run and binky in daily. I run the rescue myself and it is a lot of hard work. No matter the weather I attend to the rabbits needs several times a day. Spot cleaning, grooming, cuddling and checking things like teeth ears and bottoms! Often rabbits arrive in a dreadful condition and the feeling of being appalled at the owners allowing their pet get into such dreadful conditions never goes away but I am always glad that they come to me so that I can help them on the road to good health. Things like ear mites can cause such distress to a rabbit and yet it is so easily treated it is such a pleasure to see rabbits thrive after being so neglected. Some rabbits arrive pregnant or with litters.
One rabbit arrived with a 4-week-old litter a new-born litter and was pregnant
again! Helping these lovely creatures find the perfect home is always a

Sadly some rabbits are in the rescue for a very long time, there was a litter of 6 born here in March 2011 the first two pairs were rehomed by August but the last pair were 10 months old before they found a new home. Calls, emails and text messages are received every day from people unable to to keep their rabbits.

We truly do appreciate any help that can be given, be it practical, financial, or best of all offering a new, loving home to these lovely rabbits who truly do deserve a second chance. Please contact me at if you feel you can help.

And finally, staying in Scotland, we have a message from Buddies Bunnies about an event they're holding soon Buddies Bunny Rescue are holding a Rabbit Awareness Day at Carrington Village Hall, Nr Bonnyrigg, Midlothian on Sat 24th March from 10-4
Fun for all the family.... Lots of things going on including;
Meet the Vet
Meet the wonderbuns - Buddies Murphy & Paws Here's Award Winning Basil
Feeding demo's, free samples - advice from our Vet Nurses.
Buddies/RWA stand - meet the team and talk all things rabbity!
Craft stalls, tombolas, face painting, arts & crafts, homebaking and refreshments
Also watch Live rabbit agility with Vivienne and Rowan her Nethie!
£3 entry and kids go free.
Hope to see you all there,
The Buddies Team

Friday, 9 March 2012

Looking for a super model!

Does your rabbit have star quality?

Monster Pet Supplies is the first UK on-line pet supply retailer to sign up to the RWAF
retailer charter, and to celebrate, they are looking for the face of their
on-line rabbit shop. For the chance to make a supermodel of your bunny, and to
win a great prize including a 6ft rabbit hutch and run, and a month's supply of
Burgess food, enter here.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Coming video

We've been on location today with our friends from Runaround and lots of rabbits, filming the next video. This time we want to show the many natural behaviours of pet rabbits, such as digging, foraging and grooming another rabbit and inspire rabbit owners to allow their rabbits the opportunity to do this every day. In the mean time, you'll have to settle for our current ' A hutch is not enough' video!

(Obvioulsy no bunnies were harmed or scared in the making of the video! They were filmed in their own gardens)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Don't forget Mother's Day - and help raise money for RWAF.

Great news, we're over halfway towards our target of 25 qualifying Give as You
Live subscribers. Once we hit 25, we'll receive £5 for every subscriber!
Thanks to those who have subscribed already, and spent the £10 minimum
to qualify. We have until the end of March to hit 25, so please jump on board!
Please bear in mind that using Give as you Live is at no cost to you -
you just do your normal online shop and we get a commission from the retailers
who have signed up to the scheme. We benefit from other schemes too
but at the moment we're pushing this one because we get a fiver each time, and
that really helps us help rabbits! And it's just in time for you to buy your Mum
that special gift for Mothers Day. Please sign up here Don't forget to buy
Mum a card too. There's a great selection at Charity Greetings, both e-cards and
actual cards. You can find them here And if you want to buy
Mum flowers too, don't forget Charity Flowers. They're beautifully displayed and
great value for money, with a donation going to help us help rabbits too!