Thursday, 19 August 2010

A 77cm hutch....

Argos hutch - 77 cms long the story so far.

Argos are selling a hutch, 77cms long that they describe as allowing the rabbit to stretch and run freely. We all know that that can't possibly be the case, and that these hutches are cruel, and would not be suitable under any circumstances. Trading Standards have been contacted and are not able to help unfortunately. Argos have chosen to ignore our advice, so we have been sending press releases for the last few months to build awareness of our campaign and gain support. The most recent press release last week gained some good coverage, notably with The Guardian's website picking it up, but also local press, local radio sations and specialist magazines.

So far, Argos have added text to the description of every hutch that says they should be used in conjunction with a run, and that they will offer a discount to anyone buying a hutch and run together. It is progress, but we would like to see them review their whole range, stop selling the really tiny hutches like this, and offer something more suitable.


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  2. Pet Product Marketing have covered this in their recent magazine, and there seems to be support from the Pet Industry for this and the opinion that 'size does matter'. Good news.

  3. Great news! The 77cm hutch is no longer available on the Argos website, and is 'discontinued' in store. A great result, and a good start.